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Hello all, my first post on the forum so thank you in advance if any help you give. I currently ride a Focus Cayo 1.0 2012 with a 6° rise on the stem in a size 58. I am looking to treat myself to a nice new Canyon Ultimate CF SL with
Di-2. My question regards the geometry, I have used the the Canyon size calculator & it's saying I should get a size 60. I'm just concerned about the stack to reach not making the bike comfortable. The Canyon says the stack to reach figure is stated as 1.45 to 1.55 with a top tube length of 583 CM, but I am unsure what this all actually means? I've found that the standard Cayo 1.0 stack to reach without the 6° rise of the stem is 1.4:1. I'm all confused about size & how figures translate into my position on the bike. Could someone please shed some light on it for me as I obviously want to get it right. I'm a sportive rider & like the position I ride in on the Focus, I just really fancy the Ultimate over the Endurace CF. Thanks again.


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    Stack and reach are measured from the middle of the bottom bracket to the top of the head tube, so stem angle is irrelevant when talking abut stack-to-reach ratios. STRs also vary according to frame size, so a 52cm frame will usually have a lower STR than a 60cm frame.

    An STR above 1.50 is generally considered to be "sportive" geometry, below 1.40 is very stretched out and more race-oriented. Obviously stem lengths and spacers can be used to move the bars to a comfortable position (within reason), but the STR determines the type of riding position you're likely to get.

    If the Canyon has an STR of between 1.45 and 1.55, depending on frame size, then I'd guess that the Size 60cm one would be nearer 1.55. That's a lot more relaxed and upright than your Cayo (the current size Large Cayo 1.0 has an STR of 1.42). If you're comfortable on your Cayo then the Canyon will be fine (you may even find it a bit upright compared to the Cayo).
  • Right, that makes sense. Thank you very much for the explanation. I was concerned going for a bigger frame would have me reaching further & make me uncomfortable.