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Cannondale Supersix Evo 5, Giant TCR Advanced 2, or other?

MozzzaMozzza Posts: 2
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I've decided it's time to get a new road bike, which I'll be getting through the cycle to work (C2W) scheme. I can top it up with more money if I want, which I'm willing to do if it's not too much more.

I ride to work daily (only 7 miles each way), do two weekly longer rides (sometimes up to 100 miles at weekends), and use my bike for the odd time trial (clip-on aero bars) and road race. I'd rather prioritise the racing, so will be looking for a bike with more aggressive geometry, rather than one that is sportive-orientated (I'm 26, so still flexible enough!). Also hoping to keep the old bike for winter and touring.

I'm 6ft3, 36" inside leg and about 82kg. My riding style is more "agricultural"(i.e. power tends to come before finesse!), so stiffness is definitely a driver.

I'd be keen to get a full carbon frame (but realise that it would probably be sensible to choose a high-end aluminium frame over a bottom-end carbon frame). I'd like to go no lower than 105 if possible, but also understand that a cheaper groupset on a higher quality frame may be a better long-term investment.

Current candidates are the Cannondale Supersix Evo 5 2014, which will come in at about £1250 pre-C2W scheme (about £950 after). The Giant TCR Advanced 2 2015 also comes in at the same price. The Giant has 22-speed 105 (and the other perks of the 2015 105, whatever those may be). The Evo has 20-speed 105. I'm also considering the Ribble R872. I know there are many conflicting opinions about Ribbles, but at about £250 cheaper than the others (post-C2W), I can't just dismiss it.

I'm going to try the Cannondale in two week's time (the first opportunity after the shop has built the bike), but am keen to get other opinions first - it's a lot of money so I want to get as much advice as possible!

What would you recommend out of the bikes I've suggested, and is there anything else that you would recommend over my candidates at around the £1250 price point (noting that often C2W bikes in a sale have a ~10% admin fee added to them?

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