Replacing S works BB bearings

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Question for anyone who has replaced the bearings in their S works BB really.

Do you continue with the ceramic speed or is it better to use something else from another manufacturer?

Happy (ish) to replace with the same but open for suggestions if people have a better experience.

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  • Dave_P1
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    I went back to normal bearings (non ceramic) once my ceramic ones gave up.
  • pinno
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    According to he brethren of BR, it is a waste of time fitting ceramic bearings even though my Record 11 cranks have them. Does that un-confuse you?
    Theoretically, you will not notice the difference with ceramic over steel except in your wallet.
    Yes, they can save 0.004ms over a 100 mile TT and they feel really really smooth especially when you take the chain off and spin it around and around when your not on here, or or and you are bored.
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  • bernithebiker
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    I tried an SKF one <£20, and a cheap Chinese ceramic one, <£20 on my S Works.

    Couldn't really tell the difference in any of them.

    Was disappointed how little time my standard Ceramicspeed bearings lasted, and I keep my bike very clean....