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Defy Advanced 2013 - Max tyre size capability

chris217chris217 Posts: 217
edited May 2015 in Road general
need some assistance from Giant Defy Advanced owners ( not 2015 Disc model )

my question is what max tyre size will fit ? i guess it will be affected by the brake drop but would appreciate feedback from anyone who has tyres 25c + and what brakeset you have



  • stueyboystueyboy Posts: 108
    I had a 2013 Defy advanced 2 and used 25mm tyres on it. Plenty of clearance. It had normal 105 brakes
  • chris217chris217 Posts: 217
    Many thanks am keen to try 28c
  • dj58dj58 Posts: 2,196
    5800 105 brake calipers have clearance for 28mm tyres. You could always buy a 28mm tyre of your preferred choice from somewhere that does free returns and do a trial fit with you existing calipers.
  • chris217chris217 Posts: 217
    DJ you've read my mind !!

    have the conti 28's , they don't fit with my current brakes TRP 920 need long drop shimano's me thinks

  • turbo1191turbo1191 Posts: 501
    I ran Michelin pro 4 S/C in 25mm on my defy comp 1, they came up big, actually measure about 27mm when on the rim.
  • priorypriory Posts: 743
    before the frame broke I had a defy aluminium with tiagra set and always had 25mm tyres of various sorts and mudguards, so if you don't have mudguards I am fairly sure any 28's willl fit . Possibly even with 'guards ,
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  • chris217chris217 Posts: 217
    Thanks Priory, with my current brake set TRP 920 , 28's will not fit so need to find a suitable brake set as they will fit with the frame
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