Just bought my 2nd Bike - Cube Agree GTC Pro

Dom McCormack
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I thought it 'only right' to post on here after all the help and advice this forum has provided during the painful deliberation and procrastination of where to spend my money.
I've owned a Halfords Carrera TDF for 2 years which was sensibly bought as a 'tester' to see if I could get into cycling. Its done me proud, but I quickly learned that the gearing wasn't suited to taking on the hills of Yorkshire, with friends often passing comment of having at least a few more gears to play with.

So, despite being unsure of how much a difference a new bike (budget being around a grand) would make, through Cycle To Work, I eventually got through the minefield of choice and got it down to either the Planet X Pro Carbon or Cube Peloton SL. A visit down to Barnsley to Planet X and I was disappointed with the Customer Service, then went to my LBS (Woodrup Cycles) and that made all the difference.

After noticing the Agree and preferring its looks (and admittedly full carbon frame for an extra £200) I went for it.

I'm 5' 11", 13.3 stone and felt I was in-between a 58 and 60, Woodrup insisted I was a 58 despite me trying a 60 and it initially feeling good, so with their expert opinion I nervously plumped for the 58. Now when I go on the Carrera on the turbo, I've realised I've been riding a bike which was too long in the stem for 2 years!!!! The difference between the two bikes is literally night and day. Over 50 miles at the weekend the Agree smashed my Strava stats to pieces, its ridiculously comfy to ride and I now understand all the 'noise' about wheels making a difference.

To conclude, for those considering a first 'proper' bike, the investment of that extra 500-700 quid is practical and real, you certainly get what you pay for and on C2W its a no brainer.