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Loose lockout\compression knob on RS PIKE RCT3

applauseapplause Posts: 35
edited May 2015 in MTB workshop & tech

The other day I was close to buying a used bike but walked away from the deal for multible reasons. One of them was that the big lockout\compression knob on the Pike RCT3 fork was very Loose. I could lift it up almost 2 mm before it hit the lowspeed compression adjustment knob. Having owned a PIKE RC in the past I don't recognize this a normal? Anyone experienced this?

Further more as I do not know the RCT3 very well, I wondered that there were 4 positions the knob could be in. I know there is a fully open, a "trail setting" and a lockout setting. But what about the 4th? Could this be a defect to?



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