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Cassette/freehub spacers.

blackpoolkevblackpoolkev Posts: 474
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Having read the current thread regarding " over tightening a cassette" I have a related problem.

After fitting a six month old 11 speed Campagnolo cassette to a brand new Campagnolo Shamal Ultra rear wheel there seemed to be some side to side movement in the cassette cogs.

I didn't use a torque wrench but tightened it up "a lot". Having noticed the play in the cassette, I forced another half turn with the cassette tool but this made absolutely no difference to the play.

Sheldon Brown reckon I don't need a spacer, but I suspect one may help.
Can anyone point me toward a link where I could acquire a spacer that may help?


  • 964cup964cup Posts: 1,359
    Be sure it's the cassette moving on the freehub, not the freehub moving on the wheel.
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