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Cycling views - local MP candidate

dai_t75dai_t75 Posts: 189
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So, I filled in that form (votebike) online that emails all the candidates in your area to ask them 5 questions about cycling: Ambition, funding, design standards, safety and promotion. So far only one of them has responded - Julian Sturdy.

This was his response about funding:

"Since 2010 the Government has more than doubled overall spending on cycling, with £374 million committed between 2011 and 2015. Spending on cycling is currently about £6 per person each year across England and £10 per person in London and the eight cycling ambition cities. In November 2014, Ministers announced a further £140 million for the cycling ambition cities, and, through the road investment strategy, a further £100 million between 2015 and 2021 for improving the conditions for cyclists and walkers travelling alongside and crossing our strategic road network."

So, he is saying the target of £10 per head has already been met in London and is not too far off for the rest of the country - I was under the impression we were miles away from it?

I will respond and ask him to explain his figures, if as I expect, they don't quite add up.
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