Fizik saddle test shops in SW London?

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I'd like to try a couple of different saddles and wondered if anyone knew of any shops that offer the test saddles around SW17?

I've been riding on an Arione R7 for the last year or so, for the most part it's ok but anything above 40-50 miles and my perineum starts to ache quite a lot, despite having a good pair of shorts and getting out of the saddle to increase blood flow now and then. I've measured my sit bones today ant they are about 120mm apart, I have been thinking of trying the antares and the aliante, both with the cut out. I know saddles are a very personal thing but any advice is welcome.


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    Evans cycles (guessing Wandsworth is your nearest) sell Fiziks and they do a saddle exchange if its not right for you.
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    Cadence performance in Crystal Palace could be worth a try. They offer saddle testing - see link below.
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    Cheers for the replies. I actually went and purchased a Fizik Aliante VSX on a whim last night, as it was on sale for £65 at chain reaction which seems like a steal. I think I'll keep it in the packaging and try to test it out using one of the above services before deciding whether or not to return it.
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    Has anyone gone for the saddle testing at cadence performance? Was it worth it?

    I'm not that happy with the Fizik Aliante VSX and would like to try some more saddles. I'm not sure how useful 40mins trying different saddles is though as it takes a while for any issues to appear.
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    I know its not SW London but it is central- Condor have Fizik test saddles (yellow/purple numbers). I went in and got a Spesh test saddle from them today.
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    Cheers for the suggestion. I actually just got back from a saddle fit at Cadence, called them up and they had an evening slot free. It was definitely worth the £25, I saw Sandro who was really friendly and more than happy to let me try a few saddles, about 6 in total. I ended up with a Selle Italia Novus Flow, the fitting is free if you purchase a new saddle so I bought it there, he mentioned that I should take it for a long ride in the next week and if I'm not happy I can return it. Can't complain with that.

    If I don't get on with it I'll check out the test saddles at Condor, cheers.