What road bike to get?

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I have a choice of:
Eastway r4.0 2014. Comes with sram apex and alu frame and forks.

http://www.wiggle.co.uk/eastway-r40-201 ... 60581979uk

Felt f95 2014. Comes with shimano sora alu frame and carbon forks.

http://www.merlincycles.com/felt-f95-ro ... 72321.html

or any other suggestions, my budget is 400£

Any help would be appreciated.


  • bobones
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    Definitely the Felt if 58 is your correct size.

    Felts are lovely bikes from a company with some real cycling and racing heritage. Carbon forks are worth having too.
  • ai_1
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    The Felt has compact chainrings (50/34), whereas the Eastway has "standard" chainrings (53/39). If you're not an experienced cyclist who is certain they want 53/39 chainrings then I'd strongly recommend getting something with a compact, like the Felt.
    I don't know much about Eastway but I don't think Felt make any bad bikes. The F95 is a common recommendation around here for people on your budget and if I was choosing between them that's the one I'd go for.

    Both groupsets should be fine. The current version of Sora is essentially the previous generation of Tiagra before it went 10 speed. I've been using that for years on my no.2 bike and have no complaints. I haven't used Apex but it should be fine too.

    I was amused by the following from the Eastway link:
    Top Features of the Eastway R4.0 2014
    High performance alloy frame
    Alloy fork for predictable steering
    Comfortable and relaxed geometry
    Reliable Eastway E24 wheels
    SRAM Apex components for flawless shifting
    What on earth does "alloy fork for predictable steering" mean? I wasn't aware that steel, carbon and titanium forks were unpredictable!!! :lol:
  • passout
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    I think the Eastways look quite good but I'd rather have a carbon fork and compact chainset.
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  • mugensi
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    Definitely the Felt for the compact chainset and carbon forks and it looks like the better of the two, IMO.
  • Okay, so Im gonna go for the felt.
    Thanks for all the replies