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Voodoo Bantu Upgrades £300ish?

mark_fogelmark_fogel Posts: 158
edited April 2015 in MTB buying advice
Hello guys,

Thinking of upgrading my Voodoo Bantu as I have now progressed quite a bit and feel like the bike could do with some upgrades. I also have a Boardman FS Team with much better fork and drive-train so thinking to upgrading these parts on the Voodoo to start with. I kinda like the idea of having 2 bikes (-:

The Voodoo is a heavy beast however feels very agile when riding on tight twisty trails, I definitely want to get rid if the Raidon Fork... was thinking of this: ... lsrc=aw.ds
The Raidon feels harsh and and horrible compare to my Rockshox Sektor, I think 100mm travel on lighter RockShox 30 Gold TK Solo Air could work. Or perhaps there are better options out there?

Not sure about the drive-train yet, Chain Reascion have really good deals on 1x10 Shimano XT but I am not sure if it will make climbing more difficult with less gears in the range?

My total budget is about £300 could spend a bit more if needed, what would you recommend upgrading to improve the ride?

Apart from the Conti Mountain King tyres on the bike everything is original,
Raidon fork
Shimano Acera gears
Unbranded Shimano Brakes
Unbranded wheels and the rest I am not sure as I cannot find the spec as its a 2012 model.


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