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Old bike usable ?

busybeebusybee Posts: 2
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Hi ,
Newbie here so hope i've posted correctly.
i have a Schwinn Moab 3 ( year around 2000 ) .It's in great condition and only probably done around 100 miles. Has shimano deoro xl gears Had fitted Marzacotti Bomber air shocks fitted and mechanical disk to front over the years.
Here's the question . Is the frame still ok and is it worth me pimping it? New hydraulic front disk , new bars /stem , new peddles etc. Or am I flogging a dead horse. Seems I could Get it up to a reasonable spec for around 150 -200 uk pounds.
Or am I better just selling and getting new bike for double the money? don't really want to spend that much and I guess if I went other route it would be a unique bike.
Comments please .


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