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Advice on street/trails bike please?

thepopmonkeythepopmonkey Posts: 2
edited April 2015 in MTB buying advice
I have a full susser I can't ride properly at the moment due to a WeeRide kid seat being attached and a 24" 24seven jump bike I'm in the process of selling due to a) wanting to be able to ride sitting down b) advancing years forcing a!
Anyway I'm after something I can bomb to the shops on, ride the local skatepark/bmx/pump track (but casually, I'm not a trick monster), and occasionally ride trails like Cannocks "Follow the dog" when I can't be bothered to de-seat the suspension bike.

Several years ago I had the grey Kona Shred which was a great all round bike with a small and low enough frame to mess around on jumps. With the seat post about maxed out I could go for a "ride" with the missus but it was still a play bike. Now ideally I have a budget of around £550 so the 2015 shred is a bit out of my price range and there don't seem to be any 2014's going cheap.
I've looked at the NS Bikes Clash, with the cheaper version 2 being close to budget, and then today I stumbled across the Scott Voltage YZ10 which is well within budget but I know nothing about.

So any advice would be massively useful NS Clash 2, Scott Voltage YZ10, or is there something similar I'm unaware of? Or should I bite the bullet and get another Kona Shred at over £700?
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