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Castelli Repairs

SFTSFT Posts: 156
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I had a bit of an off yesterday and now have a hole in my Castelli tights; does anyone know where I can get them repaired??



  • Local tailor, the missus?
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  • apreadingapreading Posts: 4,535
    If you bought them from Castelli Cafe, you may be able to get a really cheap replacement under their scheme. Not sure otherwise...
  • SFTSFT Posts: 156
    I had an reply from Castelli in the UK recommending this stuff ... B001HWFJNS
    so I'll give it a go
  • sungodsungod Posts: 15,096
    yes iron-on wetsuit repair material does very well, i repaired some body paint bibs that were damaged in an off, they lasted for ages

    that link is for a usa supplier, you can get it in uk too

    when applying...

    make sure the bib fabric is flat and not under tension

    cut the patch to size, round off corners

    put the patch on the inside

    get the iron temperature correct

    do it on a hard surface and apply a lot of pressure - an ironing board is too soft, try thin cotton over a cork tile on a solid surface

    test the bond all around the patch, if you can lift an edge then go back and iron it harder and/or hotter
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