Cycling in and around Istanbul.

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As the search function still doesn't want to work I'll just start a new topic.

Work might be sending me to Istanbul for a bit over summer and was wondering if anyone has had any experience of renting decent road bikes and getting out of the city and and into the hills without ending up as roadkill.

Google didn't really give up any real up-to-date info except there was a plan of 1000+km of bike paths promised in 2008 that hasn't really happened and websites not really clear on whether they rent or just sell road bikes. Strava has helped a bit with routes but I'm guessing most have their own bikes.

I have a feeling it's going to be a quite intense 3 weeks on 1 off project so my time will be somewhat limited to weekends so I don't really want to drag over my own bike, just want something to offset the kebab and Efes intake!