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Hello. I'm new to the forums, and hope that someone can offer some advice on a single chainring conversion.

I've currently got a Whyte Portobello with Sram PG-950 11-32 cassette and FSA Tempo 50-34 crankset. In the last 18 months, I've never changed down to the 34t ring so am considering a single chainring conversion. If I go for a Hope 36T narrow/wide retainer ring, would I need to change the 11-32 cassette (and / or shifter / derailleur)? If I'm understanding the gear ratios correctly at Sheldon Brown, it looks as though I'd be pedalling frantically on flat / down-hill sections without modifying the cassette!

Many thanks for your help.


  • if you have never used the 34 chainring and you are confident that this is going to be the case going forward then it might be an idea to choose a bigger single chainring than the 36 you are looking at now. On my commuter I currently run a sora single chainring conversion where I removed the original 50/34 chainrings and installed a Raceface 40 narrow wide with an 11-32 cassette. I rarely get into the smallest or largest cogs on the cassette so this suits me fine but, of course YMMV.
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    Have a read though these guides, although it refers to MTB conversion to single chainring, the principle is the same. As above you may want to increase the size of the chainring depending on what low gear you can manage. No need to change the cassette unless you want a closer set of ratios e.g. 11-28. ... ain-37451/ ... ing-29342/
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    Thanks for the replies. I hadn't seen the Raceface chainring, only the Hope & eThirteen ones - that looks much more suitable for what I'm after! I'll give it a go as it looks like a cheap and relatively easy change.
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    Raceface n/w rings go up to 42t for 110bcd if you wanted an even bigger gear....