Stuck BB?

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Over the last couple of rides I've noticed the bike creaking and growing when I am out the saddle. I had a similar issue with my winter bike and eventually traced it to the BB which I assumed was needing replaced. It turned out to be slightly loose and all I did was removed it, clean/dry, regrease and refit. It hasn't made a sound since.

On the summer bike (Lynskey with a BBR60) I thought it may be the same issue so I've removed the crank and made an attempt to remove the BB but it wont budge. It is tight as a tight thing.

I's so tight I doubt I could remove it without risking a finger in the spanner slip or risking damaging the indents in the BB cups.

I'll put the bike together and try to track the sound down but at this stage I am assuming it won't be the BB.

Should I be concerned about how tight it is?


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    Are you using the plastic adaptor or do you have a proper tool?
    The adaptors are fine for assembly, but if somebody cranked it tight, or if there was no anti sieze put in there and it is frozen, you will need a proper workshop quality tool like a park BBT-59
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    Interestingly I searched for the tool for the BBR60 and found a page on Park's website saying they hadn't manufactured one yet. So I bought the plastic insert/adapter.

    I will now search for the tool using the part number you quote.

    Many thanks!!