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I'm hoping that you knowledgeable people on this board will be able to help me. I've just bought a CAAD10 Ultegra 3 ( ... -3-ultegra) and wanted to put a shorter stem on it.
But the system attaching the headset is unfamiliar to me and I can't get the topcap off. It's a brand new bike and my mechanic skills are limited and I don't want to break anything!

What is the secret?

Thanks in advance


  • dilatory
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    You'll need two allen keys. ... ploded.jpg

    To remove, use the 5mm allen key to undo the expansion plug inside, then pull it out with the outside bit (that requires 6mm key) still screwed in. If you unscrew both at once the inside plug will fall into the steerer and you have to fanny about getting it out (not impossible just a faff).

    To explain, there's a bolt you can probably see through the top cap, put a 5mm through the hole and undo the bolt, then the whole thing will lift out. Place it back in and tighten back up the inside, then switch to a 6mm and undo the top cap bit and use as if it were a normal deal again.
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    You need to unscrew the stem bolts first before removing the top cap.

    Only loosen the top cap bolt a few turns then it will pull out. If you keep unscewing it, it will come de-attached from its bottom piece and will fall into the steerer. Usually the best way to get it out is turning the bike upside down and shaking it. So try to avoid that. :)

    When refitting the new stem. Tighten the top cap first to remove any play in the steerer/headset. Then tighten the stem bolts.
  • thanks both for your advice, much appreciated.