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Vinyl Wrapping - any help?

mriches458mriches458 Posts: 2
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I recently acquired a pair of deda carbon forks, which I was planning to fit to my old road bike - however the colour of a small middle section of the forks didn't match my the bike so I decided to spray it with a rattle can and have well and truly bodged it so was wondering if anyone has used vinyl wrap on carbon forks before and if it works okay - I have tried researching on the internet but other than whole mountain bike frames have found nothing relating to wrapping carbon forks...


  • ravey1981ravey1981 Posts: 1,111
    I think we need pictures to be honest.... It will be possible, they can carbon wrap curved parts on vehicles after all, whether its a diy job or not I don't know. You could get the whole fork sprayed?
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