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Roof bars

jimmocratesjimmocrates Posts: 131
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Not strictly road bike, but anyone any idea/experience of what roof bars to use on a nissan qashqai with rails on the roof?
The bike racks I have are thule 591's with the "T" slidey attachment.


  • foggymikefoggymike Posts: 862
    Why not just get Thule bars with the right foot kit for your car? Look at their website to find our which one you need.
  • reds99reds99 Posts: 46
    Have a look at this website:

    Guy who runs it/answers phone is very helpful.
  • AnonymousAnonymous Posts: 79,667
    If you have Thule racks you would be mad not to get Thule bars IMO.
    Think there are new aero ones now. We have the old aero ones and it takes minutes to fit.

    Rails on our new car require a foot kit that has to be bolted on and off the rails which is a bit of a pain, but its super secure and the usual Thule high quality.
  • jimmocratesjimmocrates Posts: 131
    Cheers all.
    I bought the Thule wing bar. £168 including foot bits, so not exactly cheap but quality seems good and it should get a fair bit of use. Weird fitting instructions, but its on now.
    The exodus one was £120, which also seemed decent and had good reviews but I figured that over it's life, £40 is nothing.
  • Do not do as I did, and drive under an obstruction after forgetting that you have the bike up top. Very, very expensive mistake.
    They use their cars as shopping baskets; they use their cars as overcoats.
  • Did that too!

    Smashed four grands worth of bikes off the top of my car driving into the car park of the Crewe FC ground a few years ago before the Cheshire Cat. Doh!

    By sheer luck, only a few scratches on the shifters, misaligned bars and broken straps on the bike carriers was the damage!

    Mont Blanc Barracuda bike carriers on Halfords roof bars by the way. Both excellent and I got spares for the Barracudes no problem!
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