Want to buy handbuilt 105/Open Pro wheel

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I'm in need of a new front wheel for my everyday/commuting bike. I replaced the original Trek rear a few years ago with a handbuilt Open Pro/Shimano 105 made by Parkers. It's been great so I want to get a matching front now that the rim is getting a bit thin. (black rim, black hub, 32h)

Any suggestions on who to buy from? - obviously it's nothing complicated but I haven't come up with anywhere yet - mostly fancier wheels which I don't need for this.

I'm left handed, if that matters.


  • drlodge
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    This is right up Harry Rowland's street http://www.harryrowland.co.uk/ I expect he will have the hubs/rim you want.

    Or if you're close ish to London I dare say Ugo would build you one.
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    Rose bikes. Great prices.
  • Harry Rowland I got that exact wheelset from him, as drlodge said this is his style wheel. Faultless build guaranteed.

    Edit just realised my hub is silver but he may have black as well. PS AFAIK he will only use silver spokes.
  • k-dog
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    Yeah, sounds like Harry's thing. I'll drop him a line.

    Silver spokes is fine - I have those already. Just want the rim and hubs black to match.
    I'm left handed, if that matters.
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    Thanks for the suggestions. I'm in Edinburgh so no good for Ugo - I'd spoken to him before and although I'm in London regularly it's not really near him and then I'd be carrying wheels on a plane.

    Was out today and went to http://www.gammatransportdivision.com/ while taking the kids to a local bookshop. I've popped in before - best coffee I've ever had - so thought I'd ask. Right up their street - had one he'd just built with an 11 speed 105 hub and a similar rim. Had a brand new Open Pro 32h in black in the wrapper and said he could get the hub in a couple of days and have it built by the middle of the week - wanted to get the matching 5700 hub so that it's exactly the same - he wasn't happy with the newer 105 not being a perfect match!

    I think it's about £20 more than I could pay online but I'm happy to support a local business and it's obviously easier for any servicing. By the time I pay postage there's not much in it and having it this week will be good - I'm a bit nervous about the one I have right now - fast descents make me think of catastrophic failure.
    I'm left handed, if that matters.