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My first Sportive solved so many issues

denelibardenelibar Posts: 4
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Hi all,

Just wanted to share some experience. Fairly new to Road Cycling and as a female have suffered many of the issues highlighted in this Forum....Neck/shoulder pain, saddle sores, hand numbness, tired legs, lack of speed..etc.

But, I did my first Sportive the other weekend and rode 71 miles, having only ridden 31 in any one ride previously and ALL of my issues have resolved themselves. Now whether this is just development of the right muscles, my body 'getting used to riding' or increased confidence I don't know.

I'm not suggesting that everyone jumps on their bikes and goes for a mammoth ride, just maybe that with mileage comes comfort and confidence. Keep pedalling, it really does get easier :)


  • jaxfjaxf Posts: 109
    Pleased you enjoyed it, I think the step up to over 60 miles is key - after that, it all seems to blur into 1.
    you'll be on the audax trail soon ;-)

    I found that the neck and shoulder pain were alleviated by having a bike fit, which gave me bars that fitted - way smaller, and a reduced reach to the levers - no hand pain or numbness.
    Changing saddle was revelationary - before, over 30 miles - blood - afterwards 100 miles, no worries.

    So many 'womens' bikes just aren't. I now ride a man's bike, that fits, and it is so much comfier and suitable than the women's bikes I had before. Bike fit is crucial to comfort is crucial to performance. Other than that, it's just general fitness and bike specific fitness.

    Have you thought about joining a club? Riding with others is like a mini sportive every week, but with better chat.
  • Thanks jaxf, it's funny you say that because at 60 miles I was fine, no different to riding 30 really, but after that I found it a real challenge! Just signed up for the Mendips in July so hill work from now on :)

    I've always prefered men's bikes but now have a women specific Specialized Dolce, which I love. I really think most of my issues were just teething problems and not being fit enough!

    I've looked at joining a local club but I really don't think I could keep up at the moment, it's on my list of goals though :)
  • slowbikeslowbike Posts: 8,498
    denelibar wrote:
    I've looked at joining a local club but I really don't think I could keep up at the moment, it's on my list of goals though :)

    You might find there are a few ppl who think the same - or they already have club members who don't do the club ride as it's too quick - you could then join together and form your own club ride .... it's worth an ask!
  • Thank you...maybe I will! :lol:
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