Innersoles for fizik r5

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I picked up some fizik r5s on sale. My shimanos are size EU47 so i ordered the fizik in the same size. First pair went back as one of the cleat bolt-holes had sunk slightly into the sole meaning the cleat bolt couldn't engage. So I never really wore the 1st pair for an extended period.

A week later the replacements arrive. Same size but feeling a bit roomy strangely. Anyway I use them on the commute today and decide that while the sole feels stiff enough for me on the down-stroke, on the rest of the pedal-stroke I feel that the upper is not gripping my foot tightly enough and so I'm wasting energy by moving my foot within the shoe.

My missus has managed to play with the rachet/velcro mech to give a tighter grip at the top but my toes feel quite spacious.

I'll try them again tomorrow but my missus has suggested I get some innersoles for them to achieve a cosier fit?

Is this something others are familiar with? Should I just return them (again!) for a 46? I may be glad of the room when I put the winter socks on.

Can anyone recommend some innersoles?

Do they fit on top of the existing innersoles or replace them?



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    Return them for the correct size.
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    Grill wrote:
    Return them for the correct size.

    Too late, he used them on the morning commute.

    Take the inners to a Specialized shop and compare the originals with their range of inner soles? or just a cheap pair of flat inners from a shoe shop and put them under your Fizik ones?
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    Insoles will actually increase the amount of volume in the shoe by stabilising your foot and equalising pressure. You'll need volume reducers in combination with footbeds to make them better, but it's still a compromise. Sell them and buy the right size.
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  • Fizik (sidas) inner soles are nice as they are fitted to your foot shape.