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Woking to London

cruffcruff Posts: 1,506
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Moving back down South in a month after living up North for seven months.

I'll be living in Woking, 40km away from work in central London (West End). I'm familiar with most of the route (through Kingston, RP etc) but I have a couple of questions that hopefully someone familiar with that commute can help with

Firstly, am I right in thinking that the best way over the Thames is to go via Putney Bridge?

Secondly, what's the best route out to Kingston from Woking?


EDIT - I mapped this out with RideWithGPS - does that look sensible?
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  • eddyseddys Posts: 66
    Hi there

    I commuted from Weybridge to West End for some time. I liked going over Walton Bridge, then right along the river and up to Richmond to cross the river again at Hammersmith.

    I'm going to start again shortly - a bit older and slower now!
  • shmoostershmooster Posts: 355
    Try the Strava route planner, as it will route based on popularity, should give you some alternatives.
  • gingamangingaman Posts: 576
    I do Hampton Court to Woking and back most days. The route I take is as follows:

    -Woking town centre to six cross roads roundabout (big road, 50mph but cars give you room)
    -Woodham lane towards New Haw (nice wide cycle lane for half this road)
    -Head past TopGolf towards Addlestone (narrow cycle lane with dangerous sunken drains. cars not so friendly when busy)
    -Over the level crossing, towards Weybridge (separate cycle lane, side of dual carriageway)
    -Various options through Weybridge, I head down to Walton lane, alongside the river (nicer)
    -Ultimately aiming for Walton and then Hampton court.

    (They are, however, currently in the process of making the stretch through Walton as dangerous as possible for cyclists, by massively narrowing the road lanes and trying to get cyclists on the pavement. Whomever signed off the approval for this work is a tool of the highest order)

    Alternatively, from Woking you can instead head towards Byfleet and come into Weybridge from the Brooklands side, 2 lovely little hills to raise your BPM this way (towards Weybridge station), or carry on straight heading towards the A3, aiming for Cobham and Esher (narrow 50/60mph road with many impatient drivers, not really suitable during rush hour) and onwards to the Scilly isles and Portsmouth road into Kingston

    strava link for avoiding confusion with my directions:
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