Sram rival front mech adjustment

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Hi, spent the last 2 hours trying to adjust a sram rival front mech. Im used to shimano and for some reason i can't get the Sram working well.

It has no barrel adjuster so I'm only adjusting cable via the clamp bolt, the H & L screws are set properly. The chain either over shifts or won't shift from small to large chainring. What am i doing wrong?



  • dgunthor
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    i'd add an inline barrel adjuster
  • robbo2011
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    I guess the cable tension must be either too high or to low. I installed a SRAM Red Yaw front mech the other week without a barrel adjuster and it works fine, but you do need to get the cable tension just right.
  • norvernrob
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    They need quite high cable tension. Push the shifter all the way across and watch the mech as you release it, if the mech moves back inwards at all then it needs more tension. That's why you can set the stop screw in the wrong position without realising and it then overshifts and drops the chain.
  • amaferanga
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    Is it a Yaw front mech? If so then have you followed the instructions on how to set them up? Plenty of videos on Youtube that show how it's done.
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