Replacement Ratchet + strap for Giro Factor

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Not sure how it has happened, but the strap on one of my Giro Factors has stopped working. Basically one of the teeth has started to fold in on itself (you would assume it would fold back due to the stresses) and the little spring on the ratchet keeps popping out, so the ratchet doesn't return to its original place.

I note these are replaceable but the only place I find one is in the USA. Anyone know how to get one in the UK? I also think these are the same as the Factor ACC (Mine are the 2013/14 model I think, mostly white, from Sportpursuit, so definitely not the ACC version). Would the ACC be a slightly upgraded version so the above can't happen again?

Thanks for any help


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    For anyone who cares, I went to my local cycle surgery and they called the distributer (Zygo) and I have replacement parts coming. They come in pairs (straps are 9.99 and ratchets are 24.99 per pair) so I have ordered a pair of each for £35. Not the cheapest, but the shoes are lovely and frankly, barely used, so worth the investment.