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Morning Losers!

Beautiful day here in da Hudd, so I'm off to Ladybower for a lap or two round there. Starting to get into this cycling malarky, who'd have thought! This evening I'm over to Bury for our game-in-hand with Southend. We HAVE to win!

What's going on with the bannings and the thread locks? I thought the reason the Crud existed was to insult and be rude etc. Isn't there a warning about it somewhere?

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    morning all,

    lovely day here too. I'm off out with northern monkey for a ride later.

    I've had a bit of a telling off for the way I spoke to cody in the other thread. I apologised but said it was only cos he's an idiot.

    working from home this morning with a quick trip to Bristol this afternoon.

  • tlw1
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    In sunny Solihull, first meeting done

    Problem is there are far to many other ones. Hopefully get away on time because then I can meet a mate for a decent erm road ride and curry
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    Morning all,
    Lovely sunny day here, perfect for riding a bike. But I still can't pedal due to wheezing like a man in his nineties. Still haven't managed to turn my lungs inside out in spite of my best efforts. Might try to bunk off early today so at least the traffic on the way home won't be too bad.
    Regarding the lockings and so forth I suspect some people are more tolerant than others and Nick's is more tolerant than most. The new owners might be stricter too. All I can say is I try to act the same online as I would in person. I'd tell certain people what I think of them face to face the same as I have on here 'cos I'm a smartarse tosser in person too.
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    Nice do for riding to work but I'm stuck with the car again. Picking up a couple of old kayaks this evening so got a new pit to throw money in. I reckon new ones would be a better buy but the missus wants these, mainly because they're free. Got a day of work meh and as we're down 50% of the workforce to just me and the tea lady I'll actually have to do some work.
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    And the bannings continue, the Boardman thread is visible again, but Cody has been ejected.
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    welsh bum lover? when you riding? planning on a very slow ride around cafal tonight get there a bit before 5 I hope! being fat, unfit and having had way to much pizza for lunch.. I will probably be sick!
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    Evening Gimps,

    I'm out for a beer or two. Pedalling tomorrow. Nuff said :)
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    Evening receivers!

    Day of meh with the high point being requested to have a day off to play sport, this is pleasing!

    All this talk of banning etc has me really worried to ask if the Boardman ever got sold?

    Anyhoo, off for a swift walk.
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