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Garmin woes

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I use a Garmin Edge 205, and I've been quite happy with it up to this weekend. The problems started on saturday when I came to upload a ride and the 'computer said no'.

I use Chrome, and a message came up saying that "Chrome no longer supports the Garmin Communicator Plugin", and it recommends and points a link to using IE :shock: . I couldn't get anything to work though, even in the wretched and much cursed IE.

What I find confusing is that when I search for this problem, I see that the issue with the withdrawn support started in sept 2013, and this was around 6 months into when I started using the Garmin, and I think I've even replaced the PC since then! I've often had problems though, it sometimes would freeze in the middle of a transfer and I've have to close Chrome and restart it. This happened on saturday, but when I restarted it would no longer recognise my garmin

My method of uploading a ride now is:-
Upload using the archaic Garmin Training Centre software on my PC.
Export the ride in GPX format to the desktop (just for convenience sake)
Ask Strava to look for the file directly instead of my device.

Needless to say, I find this a ball-ache and it's taken the shine off using garmin and strava.

Anyone else getting problems?

The older I get, the better I was.

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