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Conti Gatorskins - Appropriate Pressure for quasi-offroad

Furious_PheasantFurious_Pheasant Posts: 2
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Hi all,

Having recently re-joined the world of commuting to work, I bought myself an Orange RX9 cyclocross, which I use for my daily 12 mile commute. The first 4 miles comprises a cyclepath (packed gravel / sand / hardcore, with the occasional stones, sticks and other expected debris) and the remainder comprises reasonable road surface.

I have ridden issue free for the last 3 months on the stock tyres (Conti Cyclocross Speeds - 700c x 35mm), but have a race (just for fun) coming up so decided to try something a bit thinner and faster but that could still be used as a dual purpose tyre... I went for the Conti Gatorskins x28 based on their reputation for puncture resistance / speed combination. I was therefore disapointed that on their maiden voyage I suffered a blowout on the front tyre!! (just to add insult to injury, it was about 10m before I joined the blacktop)!!

Haven't inspected the tyre in detail yet, but I'm working on the basis it's a pinch as there is no obvious external damage (thorn, etc). I pumped them up to 90psi last night. I weight 85kgs so my initial thoughts were that I'd over filled them, however on reivew of the post below, it may seem I have underfilled them?!


I was wondering if anyone could offer any advise / input or experience on the matter?

Thanks! :-)


  • drummer_boydrummer_boy Posts: 236
    I ride a mix of road and tow path (metalled and mud/gravel) on 28mm Conti Gator Hardshells, on my PX CX bike. I just leave the tyres at road pressure (100psi), and have had any problems yet. I happily trade offroad comfort for speed on the tarmac :-)
    I weigh 100KG and also sometimes do the route on my road bike with 25mm 4 Seasons on as well.
  • imatfaalimatfaal Posts: 2,716
    I do two stretches of canal/river path and found that all tyres are vulnerable - but the best I have used are schwalbe marathon plus (with the london decal of course). They are NOT fast - but remember rule 5 and treat it as added training. There is the added bonus that when you do switch onto fast tyres for a weekend ride you feel as light as air. I have punctured twice with schwalbe tyres - and in that time worn out four sets; nothing else comes close for me. I think a lot of it is also riding style - I know I am bad; other more skilful and alert riders can avoid the hazards that cause punctures whereas I just get that terrible deflating feeling
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