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New shoe recommendations

Paulj700Paulj700 Posts: 76
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I've got by with a pair of cheap dhb shoes for the last few years. They're beginning to wear out and I'm wanting something a more upmarket and lighter.

I have pretty wide feet and want something for all day comfort. I've looked at Sidi, Giro and Spesh shoes but really haven't the first idea what I'm looking at.

Looking to pay up to about £120 but might stretch to £150 for something significantly better.

Recommendations much appreciated Taa.

EDIT: Should mention I use Speedplay Zeros if that makes a difference?


  • Sussed outSussed out Posts: 189
    Giro Empire SLX. a bit more money but you will thank yourself a million times for buying an insanely comfortable pair of shoes. No ratchets or buckles to break either.
  • navrig2navrig2 Posts: 1,810
    Go and try them on. A few quid extra buying from your LBS is nothing compared to a bad fit and making a loss selling them on because they don't fit.
  • I've got a pair of Lake CX331's in Speedplay specific model (ie a flat sole so you dont need the adaptors), if you're interested? Size 46 (I generally take 45). They are used but great shoes- just team sponsorship means im using S-Works now.

    I like both- the S-Works is more "minimal", but feels narrower than the Lakes. The Lake has the lovely supple kangaroo leather, whilst the Spesh synthetic. Both are Boa lace.

    I do wish more manufacturers would make Speedplay specific versions like the Lake- just seems a shame to counter the Zero's very low stack-height with plastic shims.
  • northpolenorthpole Posts: 1,499
    Sidi have a mega fit sizing which is their take on wider fitting. Spesh also have a wide fit version of their shoes. Given where you are in terms of lack of knowledge I'd strongly recommend you go to a bike shop with a decent selection and knowledgeable staff such as Condor Cycles in London or Sigma Sport in Kingston. Hopefully you'll have an equivalent near you. Getting the correct fit is ever so important to allow you to enjoy all the other pains cycling brings about!!

  • SpudboySpudboy Posts: 101 (as was mentioned in the Sidi thread) have a sale on last years Giro shoes. I have the Factors and can't recommend them highly enough - far better than Spesh for me and I have a reasonably wide foot. At the price Cyclestore are knocking them out for (£120) it's worth a punt. Worse case you have to send them back.

    They also have Empire and Prolight on sale too. For reference I'm normally a 46 in ordinary shoes but size up to a 47 for Giro (and Spesh for that matter).
  • rafletcherrafletcher Posts: 1,235
    Bont Riots perhaps?
  • Paulj700Paulj700 Posts: 76
    (Back from week away at work).

    Thanks for the replies. Plenty to consider there thanks. Im half an hour from Westbrook cycles so might take the option of trying some on first.
  • Paulj700Paulj700 Posts: 76
    Just a quickie to say thanks for the above recommendations.

    I went and got the Giro Factor's reduced from Cyclestore and they are just superb. I cannot believe how comfy they are. Like wearing slippers compared to my old dhb shoes and really good for my wide plates of meat.

    Will give a better review when I've got a longer ride into them.


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