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Help please in choosing my new bike

grecianitegrecianite Posts: 11
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Choosing a new bike for me is a minefield! Carbon, hydraulic brakes, groupsets and brands - I really am in a spin, so thought I'd ask here for some help!

I'll be cycling 30 miles a day for 4 days a week. It'll mainly be a commute, but I do like canal paths too, so it needs to cope with rocks/stone and small holes. Budget is £900.

Bikes I have seen include (but very open to recommendation of others):

Specialized Secteur Elite Disc - 2014 ... /14secteur

Costs £699 - Carbon fork with Tiagra groupset


Merida Speeder 300 ... -3498.html

Costs £749 - Hydraulic brakes - Mixed shimano parts


On-One Dirty Disco ... #customise

£899 Fully carbon and Tiagra Groupset


Boardman CX team bike 2014 ... -bike-2014

Price £899 - but I've head Halfords can do good deals from time to time like 25% off Boardman and then you can get 10% for joining British Cycling.

It's mixed components, but I've been told it's a good bike and better than the Specialized and worth the money


Any help greatly received! Thanks


  • PBoPBo Posts: 2,493
    GT grade Tiagra £850

  • Cool - where from? Thanks
  • daddy0daddy0 Posts: 686
    I'd get the On One based purely on looks.

    Seriously though, you need to ride a few of them. One of them will feel more comfortable or more solid or special than the others. You'll know when you sit on it. I was looking at disc braked bikes this time last year at this price point. I tried a few but didn't think any were suitable for me.

    Make sure you get one with drop bars though. You need drop bars.
  • I was just about to shy away from drop bars too!

    The problem is with On One, living in Devon it would be hard to get to one of their outlets - however £900 is a lot!

    Out of interest, what do you have now? Would you recommend?

  • imatfaalimatfaal Posts: 2,716
    Gotta try them out.

    If you are looking at flat bar hybrid then 800-900 goes a long way (STI shifters are really pricey compared to separate triggers and brakes).

    If you are down in the the west country get yourself to Charlie the Bike Monger - he knows his stuff.
  • Lanterne_RogueLanterne_Rogue Posts: 2,553
    Don't know what the others are like, but my commuter is a GT Grade and the drop-bars flare out so that you're wider in the drops than when you're riding on the hoods. This feels like it gives more control, and is actually pretty comfy, so might be worth trying out to see what you think, even if you're not that keen on drops. I got mine from Evans as they had a decent deal on at the time.

    As for riding it, it's fun enough on gravel and grass that I've changed my evening commute to take in as much as possible, and when my daughter wants to go home the long way amuse myself by working up and down the flood defences alongside her. The only real drawback is that it feels like it has quite a long wheelbase (for stability), so you have to work it harder into turns and lifting the front end up is tough - my plan of doing the odd jaunt across the moors may need some revision. I'd also avoid the temptation to drop down to the Sora version - it's simply not as good as Tiagra (sometimes refuses to shift on first lever press). I got the cheaper spec as the colour was nicer and I'll move my Tiagra groupset across when I upgrade my road bike.
  • Thanks for that, as I'd not considered the Grade at all. I'm doing a few trials tomorrow, and I'll ask if they have one for me to try - also am considering the Canondale CAADX.

    I really think it'll be the Specialized Secteur Elite Disc as I can get the 2014 bike for 699, which is 500 off last year's RRP. It does not get the best reviews, but when reviewed it reviewed again bikes costing £1k+
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