Fitting new brakes. What ones are compatible?

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Hi All,

I have a Moda Echo and the brakes are awful as standard (non-branded dual pivot). I'm thinking of upgrading to Ultegra or at least 105's.


What callipers should I get? (105 or Ultegra)
What type can I use? (dual pivot or direct mount)
Should I replace anything else apart from the calipers?
How difficult is it to carry out?
Do I need any special tools?

Let me know if you have any other points as well!




  • doug5_10
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    - depends on what levers you have - need to match lever pull (roughly)
    - you will need direct mounts for direct mount brakes, unlikely since you have dual pivot atm
    - depends on your levers
    - not very
    - no, couple of allen keys.

    I would try decent pads first on your current brakes
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  • cswitch
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    if its 10sp get the 10 sp Ultrega (6700). Cable pull should be fine. They break well. However maybe try Koolstop salmon pads. They make a big big difference on crap break callipers...I remember being astonished years ago how they improved breaking on a Tiagra groupset. You maay need the pad holders too if the current pads have the bolt integrated into the pad.
  • jimbo2112
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    Great info, thanks chaps!