on the look out for new aluminium handles bars

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after some opinions on handlebars, I'm currently running the zipp service course sl-80. they are good but I prefer a larger surface area on the tops so looking for something more egg/ oval shaped on the tops, ive narrowed it down to the 3t ergonova, fsa wing pro compact and the zipp service course ergo 70 bars. Any body used a few of these that can offer a comparison? the only thing that puts me off the zipps is the 70mm reach difference or would I likely not notice?


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    Not on your list but what about the Ritchey WCS Evo Curve.
  • had a look at a 3t ergonova and didn't think much of it and a few people I know weren't impressed, I can get both the ritchey wcs evo curve and the zipp service course sl-70 ergo for around £55 so I think its between those
    has anybody had both to offer a comparison or opinions on each
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    Deda zero 100 fit the bill too.
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    I have the Evo Curve on one of my bikes and find them comfy when riding in general, the flatter tops are comfy for the hilly bits as well. I also have Ritchey WCS bars on the other bike but not the EVO ones and the EVO Curve feel better. Can't help with the Zipps but I would definitely get the Ritcheys again.
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    Evo Curves with the Ritchey C260 stem is a great combo - you should deffo check them out. Together they're lighter and stiffer than a huge majority of carbon offerings out there. The flattish and swept back tops are great.
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    Just out of interest I have a set of 3t ergonova on a bike that was written off after a non-cycling accident (ie not crashed) and I'd be interested in doing a swop for your zipp bars if you are interested. My bars are 42cm (pretty sure they are but would measure if you were interested) and I'm after something 40cm centre to centre.
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    just noticed you weren't impressed with them so guess you aren' t interested ! Fwiw I found them OK - plenty stiff which is pretty much what I want from a bar and despite normally preferring a traditional bend I found these pretty good in the drops. I didn't like the egg shaped top and I felt it contributed to a lack of comfort but hard to say as that may have been the bike having a very stiff front end.
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  • ive never tried them, just going off what a few people have said, my zipps are 42cm centre to centre so a bit big for what your after. I'm the opposite ive always found the egg shaped tops a lot more comfy
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    I had the 3T ergonovas for a few months but didnt like them, the egg shaped tops arent comfortable (for me) The hoods nearly needed to be facing the ground before the tops would be aligned in a comfortable position for me. My hands are average size (take large in gloves) but I just didnt like them. I changed them to Ritchey WCS Streem bars, they have flat tops, are swept back and an 70mm reach and 128mm drop so fairly compact. I've had them now over a year and while I get on ok with them, I'm not totally satisfied. I have them aligned to that the hoods are more or less level and so therefore the tops are also comfortable but I'm not comfortable in the drops with them and to get a comfortable drops position means direction the hoods downwards which leaves a big dip between the hoods and the corner of the tops of the bars which I dont like when riding on the top corners of the bars so my search goes on. From my own research I think maybe the FSA SLK compact bars are next for sampling (when funds allow)
  • What about Pro Vibe 7s?

    They're not ovalized, but the tops are thick I.e they don't taper down like most bars from the 31.8 at the stem, so the whole length of the tops is 31.8. They then taper gradually from the bends.
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    NapoleonD wrote:
    Deda zero 100 fit the bill too.
    Also in carbon
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    I can't make a comparison between the 2 I'm afraid but I'm happy with my zipp ergo sl70's. I really like the look and feel of them but these things are always personal preference. If you wanted I could post a couple pictures of how the look on the bike? But ideally, like anything, it's better to try before you buy.
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    +1 for evo curves and a c260 stem. Can't think of a better setup!
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