You'll all prob think this is a bad idea...advice pls

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Hi ladies and gents,

Living in London, space comes at a premium, so I want to have only one bike that I can do EVERYTHING with. I want to build a bike that can be raced on the road, toured, and raced off road. I'm totally happy to change parts twice a year to modify between the road and cyclo-cross iterations of the bike, but want only to have one frame, bars, saddle, gear mechanisms etc. I'm happy to change between a disk ready cross fork and an aero road fork between seasons, and I'm happy to have to change between caliper and disk brake etc.

I'm looking at getting either a Genesis Equilibrium stainless steel or 725 or Croix de Fer stainless or 725 with a carbon cross fork. The plan would be to buy a road fork in addition (any recommendations). Do you think the clearance on and Equilibrium at the rear would be sufficient for a cross racing tyre?

Many more questions to come, probably, but I'll start with just this! All advice/criticism welcome...




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    Until disc gets ratified for road racing a canti cross bike seems the obvious answer. You could switch in a disc fork with a TRP HyRD or spire for non road race uses (leaving the canti at the back as that will be fine). Put a joiner in the cable to splice in the extra length you'll need for fork swaps.

    Will you really want to race? If not it makes life easier. I wouldn't fancy changing forks for different events.
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    If not racing, I'd recommend a Kinesis Pro6 Disc. I'm using mine with two sets of wheels (one with tubeless knobblies for off-road, one with wider road tyres) and it's currently getting more use than my carbon "best" bike. A mate has a Cannondale CAADX disc and it's just as versatile....

    Think I'd go for either a Planet X Pickenflick or Kinesis ATR Tripster if I was purchasing now though 8)
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