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New forks with possible upgrades?

cathymark74cathymark74 Posts: 21
edited April 2015 in MTB workshop & tech
I have just bought some new rockshox sektor tk 140 coils bought from je james. I also have some parts from a worn out Reba SL. Motion control dna poploc and the dual air assemblies, both forks are 2012 and are gold stanchions so the motion control assembly should swap, as the moco is from a Reba I believe the damper might be a different length so the oil level needs altering, I have looked into oil heights but the best advice i have read is the oil needs to be 10mm above the bottom of the damper, anybody know any better?
And would any of the air system parts be any use?
I have stripped and serviced forks before so have no fears on that front but just want as much info as possible first. Also would any of this void a warranty?
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