Ribble Sportive Biancho, Creaking Headset Again

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Hi all,

I would call myself a amateur spanner monkey, have never used a bike shop unless its straightening wheels......happy to build bikes up, never buy new bikes, just buy new frame and build away....

Anyway, I have a Biancho, head started creaking thus purchased new headset as it was a tad old and rusty looking. New headset fitted, rest of bike completely greased.

Now after around 20 mile bike headset starts creaking again. Get home re-grease and again after around 20 miles it bloody creaks again. what on earth is going on. I've tried two different types of grease, headset at different tensions.

Help and ideas appreciated. stu


  • trailflow
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    I would check and lightly grease the shifter clamps, headset spacers, stem and bolts (including bar clamp), headset bung/star nut, top cap and bolt, headset cover, barrel adjusters, cable ferrules and frame entry holes , computer mounts, front skewer.

    Other places to check
    Saddle rails, cleats, shoes
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    If it definitely the headset that is making a noise, out of interest what is the stack height like?
  • donkey600
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    While I was waiting for new headset, I went through entire bike cleaned and re-greased everything. went out and straight away bike was creaking.

    Came back in, cleaned, greased and put new headset in and bingo, nice creak free bike. 20 mile in and bloody ell its creaking again. Headset out, cleaned and re-greased etc etc, this has been done 3 times now.

    stack height is 30 mm from top of headset to bottom of stem, stem is 100mm. And im tad under 16st....

    im beginning to think too much weight over the front !!!! when im standing, or grease is too thin...
  • Semantik
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    Are you using a decent branded headset? Or a cheap Ribble one?. I got fed up of their cheap 'n nasty headsets and bought a Ritchey WCS for my Ribble carbon- not creaked since.Also recommend you change to a quality fork bung such as a Deda one- the onr Ribble fitted to my bike was again cheap 'n nasty and loosened off fairly often.
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    You sure you have enough clearance between the top of the steerer and the underside of the top cap? I had to take a bit more off the steerer when I built up my Scott CR1-SL because the 3mm gap I'd originally left disappeared when preloading the headset and after a brief ride would sart rattling. Found I needed min 5 mm gap and since then it's been fine.
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    Fair point with the headset and bung, which ritchey wcs headset did you purchase, and what others are recommended for the Ribble carbon.

  • mercia_man
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    One trick which worked for me at stopping a squeak: slacken stem bolts where it clamps on steerer, apply front brake and push on bars towards the ground while re-tightening stem bolts.