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Cheap hybrid from Halfords

jdobson76jdobson76 Posts: 7
edited May 2015 in Commuting general
Looking to buy a new bike for the first time in over 10 years. Want a hybrid with EZ-fire gears, around the £300 mark (would not be averse to spending more for something good as I love my cycling but I need to leave it in town and this place is bicycle theft central).

Need one bike which will do the 5-mile, town, everyday trips but also manages some longer trails at weekends. Don't really have the space for 2 separate bikes at the moment so need to make the best of a compromise.

Didn't want to get confused with too much choice, so went to Halfords, where I seem to have homed in on the Carrera Subway, and the Raleigh Loxley (mainly cos it has all the accessories already attached). Also went to a local place where they have Ammaco bikes (apparently cheap and cheerful) around the same price.

Another possible option is a 2nd hand Boardman Hybrid Race which is allegedly hardly used, but other than obvious cosmetic stuff I don't know bikes well enough to say how good a condition it's in. Guy wants £275 for it.

Any thoughts on these particular bikes, or other suggestions?

Many thanks!


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