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Canyon bolt-thru rear axle

WhipItWhipIt Posts: 52
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Hi Guys,

My 2015 Canyon Spectral comes with a 142x12 (I believe) bolt-thru axle. The frame is threaded on the drive side.

What I don't get is... Why doesn't it have a lever? I've got to carry a 6mm key around since there isn't one on my pocket tool which is a pain (and offsets any weight saving in the lever itself). That's not to mention the torque setting printed on the frame - I'm not carrying a torque wrench with me! What possible advantage does this have?

As far as I can gather, I can get a 142x12mm Maxle which will do the same job with a lever. Would this make any difference to performance? Can anyone confirm compatibility with this frame? Also any other suggestions are welcome, £35 for a bog standard maxle seems a bit rude!



  • The RookieThe Rookie Posts: 27,811
    I would normally be carrying a 6mm Allen key anyway, so taking the lever off would reduce weight, not looked at the rear of the canyon but two things spring to mind, how far out would the lever stick and as you can't guarantee where it will park you could knock it and loosen it?

    Maxle price is about par for the course if you look at other similar offerings.

    All sounds perfectly sensible to me to be honest.
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  • jfry94jfry94 Posts: 392
    Your going to need to speak to canyon about the rear axel as it doesn't say which type it is maxle or syntace x12. Then again it wouldn't surprise me if it was some proprietary design
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  • The Canyon Through Axle, Maxle and Syntace X-12 systems are not compatible with each other.
  • WhipItWhipIt Posts: 52
    Thanks for the replies guys, especially that note (Googled and found the source), Northern Monkey!

    I don't normally have a 6mm with me but it sounds like I need one on this bike...

    I'll post back if Canyon recommend any levered alternatives.

    Thanks again.
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