6800 gear cable replacement

chrisǃ Posts: 67
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My rear gear cable snapped so I have started replacing it. It's all threaded through the frame but I can't seem to get tension on it. The problem appears to be how it is sat in the shifter. I clicked it all the way down when I started but it doesn't seem to have moved. Does anyone know why this is? I've also tried doing it now but the barrel inside won't move round for the cable to sit in it properly. Does anyone have any suggestions?



  • nigelgos
    nigelgos Posts: 128
    When you say the previous cable snapped... Did it snap/frey inside the shifter? If so have you got all bits of previous gear cable out?
  • chrisǃ
    chrisǃ Posts: 67
    Good shout, it frayed inside the shifter so I'll check for any debris.