Saddle and Tyres

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I recently bought a badboy with rigid forks and the slim tyres without tread. There are a lot of pot holes and grates on my various routes, and the ride is a little uncomfortable.

I sort of wish I had got front suspension, but I went for the rigid. I know most people say you don't need it for general commuting etc, its added weight etc, but I did once have a bike with suspension just for getting around and I loved it - so much more comfortable going over pot holes, curbs, grates etc. Anyway, I don't have this and imagine this is not something you can upgrade, so I was thinking I should buy some wider tyres, which I have heard would make a more comfy wide. Has anyone upgraded from the standard badboy tyres to something a little wider? If so, what would you recommend?

Lastly, the urban saddle the bike comes with is not particularly comfortable. What would you recommend as an alternative? I would like something more comfy, but also something black and not too large so that it fits the style of the bike.

Thanks a lot.


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    If you post this in the 'Road Buying Advice' section. You'll get more replys :wink: