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This summer some of us are riding from Sutton in Surrey to Paris over 4 days via Holland and Belgium. Naturally this will include some Pave sections.

I'm splashing out on a new set of C35 wheels but want to ensure they are wrapped in the best boots for the job. What is everyones suggestions for these? What width would be best?

There will be a lot of road riding involved too so I don't want to be hindered too much here, but likewise I don't want to be changing flats every 30 minutes either.



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    Vittoria Pave 27c ?
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    ^ This
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    One word of caution, I've had very few punctures but do seem to get a puncture on new tyres - had it with the Paves and GP4000S very early on. May be its just bad luck, but if I was in your position, would put the new tyres on and ride them a couple hundred miles before heading to Paris. May be riding them makes them a bit more supple and less prone to the big P...
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  • Vittoria Pave's but leave your C35 wheels at home is my advice.
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    Vittoria Pave tyres are great...but the rear will be dead in 2-3 months. Just saying...
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    crikey wrote:
    Vittoria Pave tyres are great...but the rear will be dead in 2-3 months. Just saying...

    I hear you (despnds how much you ride though of course)

    They only have to last 4 days though.

    Good tyre, fast and comfy. Only p***tures I have had on solo bikes in the last 3 years were on them and they do cut up like crazy. The mileage you'll get out of them is pretty low.

    If speed and comfort are the only priority, they are a good choice. You have said you don't want to be changing flats every 30 minutes though.
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    The fattest tyres you can fit - 28 to 30mm ideally. Schwalbe Durano Pluses, particularly as you're not hammering it. Paves are too soft for normal riding conditions IME - mine only ever get used in France, Belgium and Italy - they'd get shredded by the flints on southern UK roads.
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    I ride open corsa SC tyres currently in suffolk there is lots of flint here. The tyres dont get shredded. Open Pave fair pretty well too. I have found the hard wearing tyres suffer more for some reason.

    Open Paves and pretty good. Damm good tyres in my opinion. the Open Pave though on a narrow rim will only be 25mm. To get the full width you have to put it on a wide rim.

    Oh a tyre lasting 4 months - time is irrelevent mileage is. these are race tyres getting more than 1500 miles is always going to be tough. I wear out my corsa every 2-3 months due to the mileage they cover.

    I will be trying challange strada bianca 30mm tyres on Saturday in france for a cobbled thing. I think these are going to be just right. The other tyre that could work if schwable one tubeless if your wheels can be run tubeless.
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    I am not sure if you are going through Belgium and Holland to seek out some Pave Classics sectors for fun or are simply doing a bit of a mini tour and are likely to bump into some cobbled sections? There is a difference.
    If your deliberately looking for classics sections to attack at speed for the floating over the top experience, then I would fit the Paves and get the most smiles from your trip.
    If however your doing a bit of a tour, I would fit any old durable high volume tyre, Durano, 4 seasons etc. Even though cycle routes are generally excellent where you are going. They do not maintain Pave in most rural areas to the same high standards that the race routes are IME. Agricultural vehicles rip the stones up and they are often something to be negotiated not attacked.
    Good luck
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    Anythng that's 25mm, no need to pick something specific for the cobbles [unless you're planning on hitting Arenberg flat out]
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  • Scotty-Gee
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    Thanks All.

    I'm not sure on the final route yet, I'm a guest on this trip.

    Any reason you wouldn't take DA C35's? They should be pretty bomb proof on the crap roads and great on the good ones.
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    In Holland the cobblestone are as rough as a roads in general in the UK :lol: If you want to have a bumpy ride in my country, you need to attack a MTB single track. So no need for special preparations in Holland. In Belgium roads can be in a rough and in poor condition. In some parts you will find cobblestones, but you really have to search for those sections. I would recommend a wide tyre (25mm) for a smooth ride (best would be if you would go tubeless) and deflating if you would ride a part of the RVV tour.
    Have fun and be aware of the Dutch road terrorists on their e-bikes :D
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    Everything Joost says...

    but if you must pimp yor ride then Open Paves
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  • Scotty-Gee
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    After speaking to some more people I have changed my mind from C35's to C24s. They are probably better designed for my area or riding.

    If only they did Paves with a tan sidewall we would be sorted :(
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    I use 27c Paves on my Amsterdam SS commuter - they are fabulous and seem to withstand all the glass kicking around and deal with all the abuse I throw at them. They give me huge confidence to throw the bike about.

    That said, I do all my general riding around NL on 25c Michelin Pro4 SCs mounted on C50s with no issues at all.
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