Di2 mech adjustments - what order....

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...do I do things in? The "dealer" manual is less than clear (to me anyway). I have the mechs installed but not adjusted for travel. So what next? Chain I assume - but in what initial position? And then, front or rear mech adjustment first?


  • Barbarossa
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    I set up a Di2 for the first tim a couple of weeks ago. Dealer manual says-

    Rear - B-screw -> shift to middle of cassette and index -> shift to inside and and adjust low limit -> shift to outside and adjust high limit. The manual warns about having the limit screws too tight - I screwed them in until the mech just moved, then backed off 1/4 turn.

    Front - high and low limit like mechanical shifter -> shift to big/big and adjust trim.

    Not sure it matters which order. I think I did front limit screws, rear, front trim.
  • 964cup
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    You need to do the rear before the front, in order correctly to adjust the cross-chaining trim (big-big). You should review what you've done with the limit screws on the RD. The low limit screw (inside, controls movement to largest cog) should just touch the stop on the mech when the chain's on the largest cog. The high limit screw (outside, controls movement to smallest cog) should be adjusted to touch the stop on the mech when the chain's on the smallest cog then backed off *a full turn* to allow the mech to overshift past the lowest cog - it does this automatically to make sure the change is effective, then automatically moves back to the correct position. You can see the stops (use a torch if needed) so shouldn't need to use feel or mech movement.
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    Well it went ok in the end. Had to adjust front mech first to clear the chain, before doing the rear, then the front again :D