GPS tracking app

Val1 Posts: 2
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Could you recommend an app to track my whereabouts that satisfies the following:
1) I don't ride for time/racing but for exploring new areas and simply having fun with friends. Oftentimes I come up on something interesting that I want to mark on the track, be it a monument, hidden path etc. So the app needs to have this option.
2) I have some maps recorded from before. It would be nice if I could import them. Also, it would be nice if the new map has the option to export the rides to common formats at will.
3) I would very much like to be able to see multiple tracks on a single map at the same time. For example, some filter could be in place to show all tracks within a certain timeframe, based on a certain activity etc. Do you know if this exists?
4) While I ride I take photos with my camera (with GPS). Is there a way to somehow combine these photos with the track itself (I usually store the photos on G+).

Thanks a lot