noisy 1x10 Conversion

James Q
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So recently converted my Cube Attention to 1x10. . Runs lovely nice gear changes except sometimes when im up the rop end of the casset its abit noisy. No noise when im in the smaller few this normal? Ive used a zee rear meach and everything looks as it should. Also get abit of creaking around the bb area when standing for a climb but have put this down to just running one chain ring (raceface) instead of 3 as everything is nice and tight.


  • woolwich
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    No its not normal. Sorry you have a mystery noise, 1x10 should not be more noisy than a double/triple. Did you change the cassette? Is it seated 100% correctly?
    Also your BB shouldn't creak anymore simply as you changed the front ring. Mystery creaks that appear to be from the BB are in my experience often something simple and not BB related. Try, dumb as it sounds, your Wheel Spindle tightness, seat post collar and peddle spindles first.
    Good luck
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