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Hi Guys,

This has been done to death, but if I could have some up to date info would be good.

Currently running Axis 2 Wheelset on my Roubaix Sport and the rear has already had a warranty replacement so I feel it's time for an upgrade.

I was looking at a spend of around £300 but have found Fulcrum Quattro's for £180 delivered, although not in stock at Bikediscount.de, but also £195 Ribble and Wiggle.

So if I could get an upgrade for £200 I would be quids in to spend on something else.

I have read some posts on the Quattro's they look good and are well priced for quality, but posts are 2013, anything to add please.


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    I've got Quattros on my Kuota, they are good wheels for the money, very stiff but not the lightest. Mine were a little over the advertised weight which in all honesty makes bugg3r all difference. Definitely vfm <£200 in my opinion.
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    what wrong with your axis wheels. What do yoh thinm the upgrade is gokng to do. There are better wheels than the dt swiss axis, stiffer and lighter more importanly though wheels with llnger spoke life (which is partly related to how stiff the wheel is). A wheelset with a wider km is an upgrade unless the axis wheels have that already in which case rjn what you have until they are dead.
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    I had Axis wheels on my tarmac, hated them. They would flex and rub on the brakes when climbing and the bearings gave out after a few hundred miles. Specialized did a repair rather than a replace and i just gave up on them as a bad job and bought some Fulcrum 5s.
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    Thanks for the comments guys, well, hoping Cycleclinic will translate in the morning ;)

    I hate the Axis, I have done no more than 500mls on them and the rear bearing and cone bolt have gone. Specialized replaced under warranty, but the wheel is still not right, so I want to upgrade, but in my money, as bike only a few months old.

    The Quattro's get a good write up and I will save a tiny bit of weight, but I'm a big lad, so I do better to lose some my self, I would like a good quality well priced Wheelset to upgrade and felt these look good and price is too good.

    Thanks again :)
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    sloppy, did you join in to add to your post count or to actually help out. Now that was a silly question!!!
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    I had the same problems with my Axis wheels that came on my Allez, 2 free hubs and a bearing rebuild in under 3 months and about 400 miles not the best wheels
    I have upgraded the wheels for Fulcrum F5 LG's and they have been faultless in 5 months and 1500 miles
    got them for £152
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    Appreciate the comments about the Axis 2's.

    I was told they were a good set, but feel not worth the money you pay, but wondering what I did get for my £1500. Upgraded the Axis Brakes as reviews were rubbish, so Specialized making crud to make money.

    I am also looking at Mavic Kysrium Elite S as well, but feel less than £200 to get a set of wheels on the bike that work will be money well spent at this point.

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    These look a decent deal in black [shame no photo]

    also Cole Rollens are worth a look

    Both are suppose to be strong wheelset at reasonable weight. But Quattro's are also great wheels.

    http://www.merlincycles.com/forza-cirru ... 72600.html
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    Forza's in the black look nice...

    Seems I have a little time to make my mind up, will depend on how much my budget is, but it's clear £200-£300 will get me a set of wheels that will make a huge difference as far as my Axis Wheels do, think I might have seen them in the Flintstones once!

    Cheers for help guys :)
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    How about Zondas? I had Quattros and theyre an excellent wheel, stiff, look good and roll really well. Mine weighted 1820 which is 110g over the claimed weight which is quite a bit but they felt much lighter on the bike. I now have zondas and to be honest there is very little difference between them. The zondas are actually more comfortable and slightly less stiff than the quattros. There is no difference speed wise between the two and I can find no discernable difference while climbing either. If your budget will only stretch to £200 then get the quattros, if you can go more then go for the zondas.