is 52/36 x 28 the same as 50/34 x 25

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I'm about to buy a new bike setup, it comes with 52/36 x 11-28, I ride in the Oxfordshire hills and Chilterns mainly, do some Alps 1-2 times a year, definitely an amateur.
I'm moving from an old bike, with a triple (sorry!), happily sit in 2nd-3rd top ring on steep hills, but feel underpowered on some.
The question, will I struggle with the 52/36, with an 11-28 cassette? Plus will this be good enough for bigger longer hills, such as Alps etc. I'm happy with what I've read on the 52/36, but if I really need to change, could I change the cassette, as this seems simpler for the really big days?
Thoughts, I have seen a lot of comments around this, interested on this one, through laymans eyes!


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    36x28 is a bottom gear of 34.7in. 34x25 is 36.7, a slightly higher gear which would be just about noticeable. Either of those gears would be, for me, too high for comfortable riding in the Alps. I personally use 34x29, a gear of 31.7.
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    With the 34 chainring you can get a cassette with 27 or 28 or even 30 - providing the rear mech will take it ...
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    I run a 50/34 Ultegra Compact and an 11 speed cassette 11/32 with a medium cage rear Ultegra derailleur, have had no problems, especially with hills !!
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    Have a play with this website. I reckon it is really neat and the compare feature helps one see exactly what different combinations will give (and help identify the big gaps).
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    Thanks all, pretty clear I think.
    Right now I'm heading for 52/36 with an 11-28 0r 11-32 ( I heard this is possible)
    Any other advice welcome!
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    I think you'll need a longer cage mech for 32t on the rear. I think 30 is okay /available on shimano short cage mech but for 32 you definitely will need a medium cage mech with SRAM.