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Sandstone Way

kevinharleykevinharley Posts: 554
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Anyone done this?

Looking to do this possibly this summer / early autumn, either over 2 days, or start and just keep going through the night - is that reasonably realistic? I'm a pretty fit and healthy 47 year old, regularly riding a CX bike and a HT.

I'm guessing that it is not too technically challenging - do-able by cross bike?

Just looking for any hints and tips from people that have done / know the route.



  • kevinharleykevinharley Posts: 554
    Just some updated info / advice that I've been given in response to an email I'd sent the people behind the route, in case others are asking similar questions ...

    Full forum discussion here:

    Ted Liddle • 11 days ago

    Hi Kevin – much depends on the prevailing conditions on the day but what I will say is the route was designed for MTBs with MTB tyres. Some route sections are quite difficult and hard enough with knobblies especially when its muddy so I would say ride the whole route using your HT with knobblies. Its a fabulous route but don’t underestimate it. Rich Rothwell 5th top endurance rider in the UK (2014) said he was pleased he rode the route on a full susser with MTB tyres – see his article in May’s MBR.

    Do let us know how you get on.

    NB: Entries open next week for Ride the Sandstone Way on the Longest Day (or two) 19th/ 21st June to raise funds for route management.

    Happy peddling: Ted
    Ted Liddle
    Sandstone Way Coordinator
    01434 673038

    KevinHR • 12 days ago


    Planning (hoping!) to do the Sandstone Way in one go in mid-July ... I'm a reasonably fit 47 year old, regularly riding 2-3 hour MTB loops and riding CX bike for work every day, typically average 150-200km (off-road and heavy bag commuting) per week. So, fitness is there, will build up to longer days in the saddle by July.

    Advice on bike choice please ...

    Option 1: 140m travel steel frame (heavy-ish!) 'hardcore' HT with 2.25/2.4 rubber, 1x10 gearing. I imagine this will handle everything the route has to offer technically wise, but fear it might be overkill, as well as too heavy/draggy/slow to be able to manage the whole route in a day ... a racy, light XC bike it isn't!! But is there enough technical challenge and 'fun' to be had to make this choice of bike worthwhile?

    Option 2: CX bike, alloy frame & carbon fork. Currently running 35c Schwalbe Landcruiser tyres, but contemplating something with a bit more volume (the frame will take up to 1.9 tyres apparently)
    So, what is the best tool for the job? I'm used to (and relatively confident in) taking the CX off-road on some fairly tame trails, which I like and find fun. Don't know how much of the route (if any) will put the CX out of its depth, or whether the constant trail 'chatter' of even fairly tame trails will become wearing over 10-15 hours. I'm currently leaning towards the CX bike, either with its current 35c rubber, or more likely something a bit bigger ...

    so, to those who have done the route, particularly in a day (or two), what would you recommend?
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