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Hub wobbling on QR skewer

roubaixtomroubaixtom Posts: 316
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On my CX bike for some reason the front wheel is wobbling side to side a fair amount on the quick release skewer. I have tried tightening the hub but it is still wobbling on the skewer.

Why could this be?



  • nicklousenicklouse Posts: 50,675 Lives Here
    The hub should not even touch the Qr.

    Sounds like you need to adjust the bearings on the axel.
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  • dgunthordgunthor Posts: 644
    as above.

    occasionally it could be a broken axle too - take the wheel out, remove the QR and turn the axle by holding one side of it - if the other side turns it's ok, if it doesn't, the axle has broken
  • cswitchcswitch Posts: 261
    Whats the skewer? Light weight ones sometimes don't apply as much force and some hubs intentionally have a little bit of play in them which is removed when the typical force of a skewer is applied. If they are lightweight skewers try and beefier skewer (e.g. shimano, campaign etc). If still play then likely bearing preload needs adjusting or bearings in the hub worn.
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