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Fox Rear Shock Top Eyelet Bush

MGDriverMGDriver Posts: 38
edited April 2015 in MTB workshop & tech
My Giant Trance X has eaten through two Top Eyelet Bushes in the last 6 months, and this will be the third time I've fitted a new one in the last 12 months. Each time I've replaced the assembly with a Heavy Duty Mount Kit from TF Tuned, which does have a rubber seal, but they still seem to allow fine grit into the assembly and cause wear on the aluminium bush, result; knocking suspension.
Does anyone else experience a high failure rate on this bush on the Trance, and can anyone recommend another source for a hard wearing replacement?

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  • chuase05chuase05 Posts: 23
    It's a common thing on all the giant bikes that's run the maestro linkage, as it's always active I always replace with the fox low friction bush lasts twice as long.
    The new frames have a bearing in the linkage to prevent the bush wearing out as quick which seems to have worked on my 2014 trance.
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  • MGDriverMGDriver Posts: 38
    I've bought the Low Friction kit from Fox via Mojo, I'll see how long I can make that last, cheaper than the TF Tuned kit as well.
    It sounds like Giant have realised there is a weakness in this area of the Maestro suspension with mods to the 2014+ frame.
    Giant Trance X2 - 2013
    Giant Trance X3 - 2012 - Stolen :(
    Cannondale Trail SL6 - 2010
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