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flat handlebar

jpowerjpower Posts: 554
edited April 2015 in Road buying advice
I picked up a Spesh Crosstrail and I want to change the existing handlebar to a flat and not as wide as the current bars.

It's 25.4mm, I think alot of the stuff I have seen is 580mm width, if I want less around 500mm do I just cut it down? Any good places to pick up the bar, don't really want to spend too much. Also want to get some bar ends, same question good places to check?



  • jpowerjpower Posts: 554
    Should I have put this in the MTB section, its kinda an in-between bike.
  • jpowerjpower Posts: 554
    Halfords have ... bar-25-4mm and 20% off too, any opinions?
  • jpowerjpower Posts: 554
    Went for halfords one and cut it down by 5cm, will see how that works out. Now to find some bar ends.
  • handfulhandful Posts: 920
    I've got a flat bar and bar ends which came off my Moda Chord which was like this one

    You can have both bar and ends for £20 if you like, don't really want to sell just the ends on their own. They are in pretty much as new condition, or were last time I looked at them! PM me if interested. :)
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  • jpowerjpower Posts: 554
    Thanks I would have taken that had I not already bought the bar. The ends I'm looking for are the ones that have a slight curve
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